MAZDA CX-9 Dashboard Light Guide


Have you ever been behind the wheel of your Mazda CX-9, driving the streets of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle when a light pops up on your dashboard? Though this might result in instant panic, rest assured that most of us have been there before. Here at Faulkner Mazda, we’ve found that educating yourself is the best way to limit worry.

To help you learn more about the subject we have created this Mazda CX-9 dashboard light guide. Below, you will find what the different symbols mean and what to do when they decide to show themselves during your travels. Though some of these lights might mean there’s an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, there are some lights that shouldn’t cause alarm at all. Let’s jump right in.

Battery Light


Brake Warning light


Low Engine Oil Light

MAZDA CX-9 Red Warning Lights

Brake System Warning Light: The Brake System Warning Light uses the symbol of an exclamation point inside a circle. The circle is then surrounded by parentheses.

When this light is illuminated, there could be a problem with your braking system, or your brake fluid may be low. Park your vehicle when it is safe to do so and contact your local Mazda technician. Do not continue to drive when this light appears as driving with limited braking power can be dangerous.

Charging System Warning Light: If this symbol suddenly pops on, it’s indicating to you that there is a malfunction in your alternator or charging system. It’s easily recognizable because it looks like a standard car battery.

Pull off to the side of the road safely and turn off your engine and all electrical components as soon as you’ve noticed that it’s been activated. Then, reach out to an authorized Mazda repairer to assess your Mazda CX-9. Do not drive when this light is on. Doing so could cause your engine to stop without any warning.

Engine Oil Warning Light: The Engine Oil Warning Light looks like an oil can that has a drop of oil falling from the spout. If your Mazda CX-9 has low oil pressure, this light will show itself on your dash.

You should not drive your vehicle with low oil pressure as it can lead to further damage under your hood. Turn off your car, wait for it to cool down, and check your oil. Go ahead and add more oil if it’s needed. If the light remains on, make an appointment at your dealership’s service center at your earliest convenience.

High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning: This one uses the image of a thermometer that’s being dipped into liquid. When it’s flashing, it’s telling you that the engine coolant temperature is extremely high. When it lights up and remains lit, it means that the temperature is continuing to rise.

If the light is flashing, be sure to decrease the vehicle’s speed in order to reduce any stress that’s being put on the engine while you’re looking for a safe spot to pull over until it has cooled down enough to continue driving.

If the light stays on without flashing, there is a danger of overheating. At this point, it’s pertinent that you pull the vehicle over immediately and shut it off to give the engine the opportunity to cool down.  

Air Bag/Seat Belt Pretensioner System Warning Light: If there is an issue with your vehicle’s Air Bag/Seat Belt Pretensioner System, you will see a symbol of a passenger wearing a seat belt next to an inflated air bag. Be sure to have the system checked out right away. 

Check Engine Light


Low Fuel Indicator

MAZDA CX-9 Yellow Indicator Lights

Power Steering Malfunction Indicator Light: If there is a problem with your power steering, this light will illuminate. Although your steering wheel will still work, it will be considerably harder to control. It may feel a lot heavier than usual when you’re trying to make a turn, or it may even vibrate. To resolve this issue, head into a professional service department right away.

The Power Steering Malfunction Indicator Light symbol is a steering wheel that’s been placed next to an exclamation point.

Electric Parking Brake Warning Indication: This light will show up if there is something wrong with your electric parking brake. As this function is crucial for many parking situations, you’re going to want to have your Mazda CX-9 inspected by a certified Mazda technician as soon as possible.

You should be able to recognize it pretty easily because it’s represented by a “P” and an exclamation point that are surrounded by a circle as well as a pair of parentheses.

Check Engine Light: The Check Engine Light is another one that’s pretty easy to recognize as it looks like an engine block. There are several reasons why this light might appear on your dashboard. For instance, it could be the result of there being a problem in your engine’s electrical system or emission control system. You’re going to want to take your car to a service center when this light turns on.

Low Fuel Indication: When your vehicle is low on gas (2.3 gallons or fewer), this light will illuminate to remind you to go ahead and fill it up. It resembles a traditional gas pump. Make sure to visit a gas station as soon as possible the moment you’ve noticed that it’s turned on. Running out of fuel while driving can be dangerous and lead to accidents or even result in you getting stranded in areas with which you are unfamiliar.

Feel Free to Have Your Dashboard Cleared With us

We hope our Mazda CX-9 dashboard light guide has shed some light on your dashboard indicators and warnings. If any of the descriptions of these symbols sound familiar to you because you’re currently seeing them and need assistance, schedule an appointment at the professional service center here at Faulkner Mazda today.

The certified technicians that you’ll find there will be able to resolve the problem right away so you can continue to make your way through the streets of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle safely.

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