How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Fresh oil being pouredOne of the easiest ways to extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, and overall health, is by keeping up with regular oil and filter changes. While factors like your vehicle’s age, mileage, and condition will affect the frequency with which you’ll need to schedule service, a general rule of thumb is to change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Our team of factory-trained technicians at Faulkner Mazda is dedicated to helping drivers throughout Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle, PA, by providing honest and thorough care in every aspect of your vehicle’s maintenance. Continue reading to learn the important benefits of scheduling routine service and how simple and easy the process can be!

The Importance of Changing Your Oil

Motor oil is an essential component of your vehicle’s engine system and is needed to lubricate the complex system of moving parts that puts your vehicle in motion. These moving parts create a lot of heat and without oil, they would quickly weaken and break. Oil also is needed to carry away any dangerous particles that find their way inside your engine.

The longer you go between oil changes, the more your oil breaks down and becomes less effective at cooling your engine. It also becomes more exposed to things like moisture and dirt particles, which thicken the oil, turning it into a dark sludge. This can cause a number of issues including:

  • Poor fuel-economy
  • Overheating
  • Weak engine performance

And if ignored for too long can cause engine parts to break down or worse—cause full engine seizure. A seized engine is often irreversible and can cost thousands of dollars to repair. The good news is that by keeping up with regular oil changes, this issue can easily be avoided altogether.

3 Signs You Need an Oil Change

low oil dashboard lightIf you can’t remember the last time you had your oil changed, there’s a few signs to warn you that you’re overdue including:

  1. Poor FuelEfficiency. If you notice you’re going through a tank of gas faster than usual, it might be a sign that your engine is under-maintained and in need of a full oil and filter change.
  2. Decreased Performance. When driving uphill or when attempting to pass another vehicle, you notice your engine struggling, you should immediately schedule an appointment.
  3. Oil Pressure Indicator Light. This might seem obvious, but if this symbol appears on your vehicle’s dashboard it means your oil level has dipped below a safe level. Immediately schedule a service appointment to have it inspected.

As we previously mentioned, the amount of time between oil changes will depend on your vehicle’s age along with a number of other factors. A good resource to help you plan your maintenance schedule is your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You can also consult any of our friendly service technicians who’ll be more than happy to provide expert advice and guidance.

Schedule an Oil Change Today!

At Faulkner Mazda, we’re dedicated to helping drivers throughout Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle get the very best performance. If after reading this you realize you’re due for an oil change, simply stop in during service hours or go online to schedule an appointment today!